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October 16, 2011

1) morning cuddles in bed. 2) nice and clean demon baby! 3) at the park with Anna. 4) the sweetest and most useless gift, received from an old man I spoke to on the tram who didn't know what it was when he bought it from the thrift store, doesn't have a computer at home and would rather a nice girl like me get some use out of it.
1) an afternoon walk. 2) she fell asleep like this and i died (in a good way). 3) I've eaten this for breakfast 4 times this week. my poor teeth. I got it HERE at ohdeardrea, except I've been using Nutella. Yummo 4) rob's step-mum accidently sent me this text. i was so confused and concerned!
1) visiting Rob at the salon (he's behind the dude with no hair). 2) aren't they beautiful? 3) Vietamese vegetable stirfry with crispy noodles. 4) close up of saturdays hair.
1) wiggles in her daddy's hat. 2) Rob teaching her the guitar. 3) me on a tram. 4) spontaneous cocktails on Saturday night.

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