Violet's first mouth party

October 07, 2011


Last week was a week of firsts for the whole family. We went on holiday to my parent's house in Bellingen, NSW. It was Rob's first time visiting my home town and Violet's first holiday so we decided to make it as special and firstsy (it's a word) as possible.

Violet got to try BIG GIRL FOOD for the first time! She's been watching us eat for a while now and the funniest game she can think of is see-food/where did the food go? It's like a hideous chewed food version of peekaboo. Our child is odd. Anywho, we thought she was ready and that it would be really nice to share it with my parents who went so far out of their way to make our first family holiday really special.

As you can see, she had baby rice cereal, nice and iron fortified and paste-like.

IMG_0736 1 copy

I love feeding her, it's so special. Pardon my unbrushed hair, it was a holiday (from grooming).


Playing the see-food game with Mummy.


Daddy got a turn too.



Lastly, here's a cute video:

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