The story of us...

October 21, 2011

On the 27th of August 2010 Rob and I were separately invited to a big, fancy VIP party to celebrate the opening of Spring Fashion Week, at which we were both doing hair all week. Neither of us being VIPs or having been allowed to bring dates, we both wandered around alone until the director of hair found me and dragged me across the room to where Rob was standing. We introduced ourselves and agreed to be each other's friend for the night. With an open bar at our disposal, we proceeded to get quite drunk with people coming and going, saving each other from sleezy girls and boys and laughing together about everything. When the party finished we moved with everyone else to the bar next door, and then again to another bar. Finally at about 1am I wanted to leave to go and meet my friends at a club they were DJing at and I invited him to come with me. We were having so much fun and even though in hind sight we were flirting, it wasn't really about that at the time.
{A photo somone took of us at that club.}
{An iphone photo a girlfriend to help me decide what to wear a week before the party. I wore my hair down in the end but this is the dress.}
He took my number, we started dating and everything was great. Within a month I was pregnant. We sat down, talked about it for almost an entire night and just decided to go for it. We liked each other a lot, we could see ourselves falling in love and growing a family together so we had no reason to say no. How funny life is. I often wonder if I, who was so busy dating everyone that I never had time for a boyfriend, and he, who was so career driven that he would work up to 7 days a week and study every night until late, would have given each other a real chance if we weren't forced to slow down.
Regardless, we slowed down. We found out we were having a baby girl, we argued good-naturedly over names until he named the bump and it stuck (with a name I picked out!) and on the 26th of March 2011 he forgot to ask me to marry him. I was having a really bad day, hormonal and exhausted in the third trimester of my pregnancy. He had been wracking his brain for a romantic way to propose, getting (bad!!) advice from colleagues, he even asked me where our favourite place to be together was. I said the shower!!! To be fair, we have a two headed shower and I needed help washing my legs at that stage! I went to bed early to sleep off the funk and he got in with me, cuddling me and stroking my hair to make me feel better. I had my eyes closed and felt him put something in my hand. He told me to open my eyes and I was being a brat so I refused. He told me a couple more times and I looked down to see a beautiful antique ring box with an engagement ring inside. I think i gasped out loud but lay waiting, patiently until finally I said "you have to ask me know you". And he did.


  1. What a sweet story. goes to show there is no "right way" to fall in love or start your life with someone. and such a beautiful family that came out of this =]

  2. i love this story so romantic and real, you guys sound so perfect for each other, thank goodness you met lol, everything seemed like perfect timing.

  3. aw, thank you so much! I feel exactly the same way and thank my lucky stars daily. how corny!


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