Over the weekend

October 24, 2011

This weekend' our days together were Sunday and Monday. Now, you've already heard all about our sunday in my Style Saturday (whaaaat) post, so I'll tell you about Saturday and Monday instead. Sound ok?
Saturday Violet and I had lunch with my friend Caity, we went vintage and thrift shopping afterwards. Caity is a fitness instructor and I love to walk (it's my only form of exercise!) so we walked for about 45 minutes each way to the stores and all the walking in between too. We love walking so much. I bought three vintage dresses that I won't show as they're amazing so I'm sure they'll show up in future posts. I picked up a few new crystal and depression glass pieces for our wedding from the thrift store.
And this little guy.
Saturday night Rob, Violet and I got caught in the rain and ducked into an Indian restaurant to eat dinner completely saturated. It was delicious and warmed us right up. Smarty-pants Violet thought to travel in her covered stroller and thus missed out on getting wet. And on eating Indian.
Some flowers I picked up at the market on Sunday. I don't even know their name but i love them, they smell like honey and make me wish i had a wooden barrel to fill with them.
I didn't take any pictures with our camera on Monday. It was a miserably cold, rainy day and I just didn't feel like it. We did take a few iPhone photos, but you've already seen them HERE.
We got up early and made egg in the hole which is basically bread with a hole cut out of the middle with an egg cracked in the hole and fried in butter on both sides. Delicious. We watched a movie together and then headed out. Rob had to do a photo shoot for the newspaper, The Herald Sun. Violet and I hung around a played together for a couple of hours. We liked watching the make up artist put gold leaf all over the model's forehead the best. It was shiny and messy, our favourites! We bought some cupcakes and dvds then went home to clean our gross kitchen. It was a big fat mess from pizza night! After we finally got that under control it was left-over pizza for dinner and cuddling on the floor-bed with movies, the perfect thing to do on a rainy day.
What a great weekend, I wish it hadn't ended. I'm getting my hair cut tonight though and I've been looking forward to it all week!

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