Over the weekend

October 18, 2011

Rob's days off, our "weekend", falls on different days each week. This week we had Monday and Tuesday off together. After a six day week at the salon, Rob was feeling pretty tired so we spent Monday going for a walk together, with a little tidying up but mostly watching a documentary and some episodes of Band of Brothers cuddled up all together in our living room. That evening we had make your own pizza night, a weekly feature in our home. Rob makes the dough from scratch, we watch it rise and everyone is responsible for rolling their own pizza, and for topping it. We usually invite friends over, it's more fun that way. This week though, it was just the two (three!) of us. So yum.
Today we spent the morning hanging out together, being leisurely and then packed little Wiggles into the pram to go on a thrifting adventure. That's my favourite kind! Plus, we're on the lookout of special treasures to decorate our wedding with. I wonder how much stuff we'll end up with ten months from now?
We had a fourty-five minute walk to get where we were going but we LOVE walking together, so we were happy as clams.
The happiest was ol' wonky-bow and funny-socks over here.
Our first stop was our favourite cafe over that way, The Green Refectory, for lunch.
That's the point from which we had for force ourselves to finish that amazing raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake, we were so full.
Then we were off to shop. Rob and Violet alternately helped look and sat down on the couches and played together.
Or snapped sneaky pictures.
I found a dress that has just been awarded the title of my current dream dress. And I bought it, duh. Once I'd had my fill we casually wandered home, stopping for bottles of sarsaparilla and a fizzy peach flavoured drink which put a smile on my dial. We came home to cuddles, left over pizza, story books and more Band of Brothers.
Here are the treasures we found and brought home:
little pair of shorts for Violet and a jingle toy, i've been looking for one in "new things" stores for ages and ages.
milk glass is the best.
cut glass and depression glass are the second bests.
this is a porcelain cover for cakes! (obviously)
dream dress. for obvious reasons. plus you can wear it backwards too, though it's just the tiniest bit choke-y, for a different neckline.
I forgot to add, the total cost was $26.50!
We had a great time. How was your weekend?


  1. Oh my goodness, I want to steal that cake cover! And that dress is divine! A successful thrifting outing, if you ask me.

    And Miss Violet? Just too cute. :)

  2. i am drooling over here about your dress!! and the cake too. but mostly the dress. ok, and the cake equally. HA!

  3. I'm drooling about the kind of cake that deserves to live under that cover!

  4. I can't wait to wear that dress! or bake a cake worthy of the cover!


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