October 12, 2011

Shirt:thrifted//Skirt: thrifted//Shoes: Aranha by Melissa.
It was a little (ha!) glarey outside and R wasn't home to help so pardon the not great pictures.
Dress: thrifted//Leggings: Country Road
This dress also came with a bonnet. She isn't wearing it today but damn, it is cute.

Today Violet and I went to our weekly play group. Our city council organises and invites first time mums to a play group with other first time mums who live in the same suburb and whose babies were born within six weeks of each other. Play group is so important to us for so many reasons. Violet loves seeing the other babies and each week they interact with each other a little more, it's so lovely to watch! It also gives us something to base our week around while Rob is at work. I've found it's so easy to be so busy I don't know what to do with myself but at the same time I get to the end of the week and can't think of what I've actually done. Play group is an out of the house activity that we can do no matter the season or weather. It's also great for me to interact with other mothers who are going through the same stages with their babies. We can bounce ideas off of each other, share experiences, have conversations about our views on parenting and more. Not many of my friends (okay, ONE, only one!) have babies so it's nice to be able to talk about poop and pelvic floor exercises without seeing my regular friends' faces assume a mask of horror and glazey-eye.

Once we graduated the play group sessions at our health nurse center it was up to us to keep the group going so we have been alternating between peoples' houses and a local cafe that welcomes a pram-jam in the back. Today we met at the local park and put down picnic rugs in the shade. We had a good time!

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