Our first home together

October 14, 2011

This is a before and after series that my brother (who is a photography student) took. The first picture was taken in March this year, just after we moved into our new home (as you can tell by the lack of decor and my fish, who has since deceased! RIP Jesse Custer). We'd been looking for what seemed like forever and i'd convinced myself there would be nothing before the baby came. I was a bundle of hormones and every little disappointment felt personal. I was in my third trimester and moving in here was the big sigh of relief and end to the stress, it made my pregnancy start to feel great again. I couldn't wait to decorate and unpack our things, finally make a room for the baby. We were home.

The second picture was taken when Violet was 2 weeks old, towards the end of May this year. Rob doesn't like this picture so much, he thinks it looks sad. I definitely was NOT sad at this point, an extra few days stay in the hospital had had me practically begging the nurses to discharge me. Rob had two blissful weeks off, we made a bed on the floor in the living room and barely moved from it. We just cuddled and loved each other and Violet. My brother, who was living with us until mid June, was completely respectful of our space but helpful and fun too. Violet was sleeping through already at this point and we just loved her so much, more every single day. Those, I think, were the happiest two weeks of my life so far.


I believe the first in taken in digital and I know that the second is taken with film (all things PV- Pre Violet are a little hazy), and unedited.

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