Happy Halloween

October 28, 2011

Today I am paying tribute to the one and only time I wore a costume and asked for sweets from strangers. You heard me, the one and only time! It's just not done in Australia. Well, maybe it is in some suburbs that pre-arrange it amongst themselves but really, the only trick or treaters i've had around to my house in my entire life are a family whose mother is clearly addicted to heroin who brought her kids around to all the houses on my street once a year, for the three years I lived in that share house, on Halloween to trick or treat for 'chocolate..or a tin of baked beans'. The kids were not in costume. I gave the beans, every year.
I should clarify that I have in fact dressed up for Halloween more than this one occasion, but that was as an adult for Halloween themed parties. Apparently, in Australia, adults love Halloween more than children. I'm a little sad about this, I would love to see Violet all dressed up as something adorable. Maybe next year we will have a costumed Halloween dinner party at our house. I won't be inviting my Dad, whom I asked to send me my Halloween photos and he accompanied them with this note: "Happy Halloween! or should I say 'happy American imperialist celebration, here have some out of date carob'". Don't take offense, he's a sarcastic, funny guy.
Obviously I can't remember anything about this event, including whether we actually trick or treated. I hope not because I wasn't allowed sugar until I was 4 so I'm sure the candy would have gone in the bin. Apparently my Aunt made the costume!
Anywho, Happy Halloween!
my cousins and I.
For the record, I'm going to have a bag of candy in the house on Halloween JUST IN CASE any of the neighbourhood kids come knocking. I know they won't but oh, I hope they do!


  1. Oh wow! I honestly never realized until this Fest link-up that Halloween was only really big in America! How crazy! Your old photo is so cute though! =)


  2. It's such a shame, it looks like so much fun! thank you!

  3. Halloween is so much fun when you have a little one. I have a 2 1/2 yr old who is dying to be a ghost. Fun! Love the old picture of you, your daughter looks so much like you.

    Hey it never hurts to have a bag of candy just in case. (Total score for you if no one shows!) ;)

  4. I am IN LOVE with you glasses! Newest follower from Followers Fest!

  5. love the old photo cute costume, I think I have dressed up more as an adult for halloween then I did as a kid and i live in the U.S. This year Ill be a black widow spider I also think its more fun getting drinks and candy in costumes though lol.


  6. we got 2 bags! one kind that Rob likes and one kind that I like, just in case it doesn't work out, haha. i hope they come! Is your little one getting to be a ghost?

  7. Yes! My mil made him a little ghost costume. Now we shall see if he will actually wear it! ;)


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