Fear- healthy?

October 25, 2011

In our house there is a clear front of the house and back of the house. The back of the house was added onto the 1930s built front of the house in around about the 1970s. This is also the time that the owner decided to put a hideous brick veneer over the wooden boards on the outside. But that's another story. The front of the house is housey. It has carpets, the bedrooms have hardwood floors and it's warm but it would be small without the back of the house. The back of the house has one carpeted room but it's rough carpet as opposed to the front of house carpet, it's COLD, really really cold, even with central heating and the other rooms have linoleum. I guess in the 30s they would have built the toilet outside, or maybe it was inside but at any rate, during the renovation they re-did the bathroom to cater for an elderly man. This is why we have a SHOWER ROOM for a bathroom and 2 shower-heads in unenclosed room of shower. They put the toilet in the back of the house. About 3 weeks ago I walked innocently (and let's be honest, completely absent-mindedly) into the toilet, sat down and went number one (ewwww tmi). When I was done I reached for the toilet paper without looking at it and out of the corner of my eye something moved. Like it was slow motion I turned my head and found myself face to face with this expletive expletive.
This guy is not little, he's about 2/3 the size of your palm and while he isn't deadly (to an adult) he makes some pretty bad ass looking wounds. I dare you to google image 'White Tail spider'. So I freaked out, obviously, and did not grab the toilet paper, obviously. Rob disposed of it. Sorry vegan friends. Less than a week later as we're all getting ready for bed, I hear a shout from the back of the house. Rob's calling me. I walk into the back room and he hands me to baby and points to this MFer. Seriously though, that title is appropriate. THIS guy is huge, he's the size of your whole palm, with overflow.
And you know what? This isn't a picture from google, Rob took this with his iPhone. Before he killed it. Sorry vegan friends. So we googled and asked our friends via the facebook what the hell this one is because it sure didn't look like a friendly, non-aggressive Huntsman. It's not. It's a Black House spider. These guys warrant calling an ambulance, for an adult. They're also the preferred food of White Tail spiders. Yeah.
So for the last three weeks I've been slowly cutting down on my fear. Naturally, not on purpose. For the first few days after the white tail I made Rob walk me to the toilet at night, then I didn't but I tiptoed to the door, stuck my head in and eyeballed EVERY nook, cranny and surface before going in. I kept my eyes peeled. Then the Black House spider showed up and I extended my search to all of the room it was in (which you have to go through to get to the toilet) AND the laundry AND the toilet. Now, 3 weeks later, I'm down to a quick glance around the room you go through, a glance at the light switch in the laundry and sometimes I sit down before realising I haven't checked the toilet. Then I check it. How long is this going to last? Will there be a day in the near future when I can't remember that there were spiders. Is the fear healthy or am I a giant sook (don't answer that unless to say i'm a brave superhero, thanks)?

Also, let's not talk about what would happen if either of those breeds bit my little baby. It doesn't bare thinking about. We're spider bombing the house. But how will that keep new buttheads from coming in??


  1. Oh hell no! This vegan would have killed those suckers. Those pics make me shiver, ick!

  2. omg...i would have DIED!! Just looking at these pics freak me out, thank goodness you got them out of your house.

  3. I am so freaked out right now! I would live in fear too. I wouldn't be able to enter a room without doing a quick visual search. Hopefully they are the only visitors you have to 'deal' with.

  4. there was one in the front bathroom last night :(. just a little one though.

  5. thank goodness for Rob, I probably would have run out crying and let the spiders have my house, ha ha

  6. Oh good! This makes me feel a little better about it!


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