5 Months

October 10, 2011

Darling Violet,

Happy 5 month birthday! I know everyone with babies always talks about how fast the time passes but seriously, SERIOUSLY, time is flying. You are beyond wonderful and you have such a personality! You are quite serious, you are capable of giggling but you certainly put us through our paces getting one from you. Things seem only funny to you once or twice and while I love hearing your funny chuckle I'm kind of proud that you seem to be so discerning.

You are so cuddly, you now reach your arms up to be picked up, especially when you're upset about being put down. You also wrap your arms around my neck or around my shoulders and your favourite place to sleep is still my chest. You won't sleep alone during the day, though i never try to make you. You will also sleep anywhere, anytime. We don't have any routines with you so you will just yawn, rub your eyes and go right to sleep, wherever you are, on whomever is holding you.

We did start you on solid foods but have since changed our minds as you seemed to lose interest. I also started doing more research and have decided to wait at least another month before starting that adventure back up again. You love watching us eat but I don't think you're quite ready to do more than laugh at Mummy eating.

YOU MAKE SO MUCH NOISE! A couple of months ago you were really into imitating, you could convincingly say "hello" if we said it slow enough and close enough. Now you seem to have gotten tired of, or frustrated with that game. The noises you make sound like you are listing off complaints you have, it's so funny! You are also screeching and squacking and other ear splitting noises.
Things you do:
You can roll both ways, you can hold your head up while sitting with support, you are still obsessed with your own hands (you go cross-eyed trying to look at them as closely as you can) and mine, you are especially interested in my engagement ring, you reach out for toys when we hold them close to you or when you drop them, you like to walk a little with us holding your hands or under your arms, you LOVE blowing raspberries and being kissed by Mummy (but not Daddy, he smooshes you), you smile all the time, you turn towards our voices even from across the room, your little teeth must be moving around under your gums because you are chomping away on everything like there's no tomorrow and you have cried for no reason 3 times now (you NEVER EVER cry, let alone for no reason), you turn yourself all which ways when left on your back or tummy, you are starting to wiggle along on your tummy to get to things.

You don't have another check up until next month so i'm not 100% sure of your stats but you are over 6kgs in weight and you are a month ahead of your average height by age.
IMG_0650 1
IMG_0615 1

We love you so much, you couldn't even believe how much. You are our unexpected miracle and your Daddy and I firmly believe you saved us from purposelessness. We can't wait to see what we will do together next! I make it a point to tell you every day: you are so loved, and you are. So loved.

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