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September 21, 2014

Hi there,

As you can see for yourself, I'm not really here very often anymore. I'm not saying I won't be back, either for good or to throw up a little update here and there, who knows what the future holds... it's just that things are very, very busy at the moment and I'm not feeling blogging so much. I really miss the community though and i'm on instagram every single day.. I would love to catch up there, see what you're up to, show you what we've been up to too.. so come and find me!


Beatrix at 16 months

July 12, 2014

Ribbet collage

Beatie and I took these pictures on Wednesday while Violet was still in the middle of a marathon nap. It was after an altercation with one of our morning play date friends, Baby Ryan (not a baby anymore, still known as such), a sweet little boy about one month older than Beatie who decided that morning that paper was for chumps, and following Beatie around with a marker drawing on her head was the right way to do art. She was very put out by this, you can see the remnants on chin and nose. Also note the amazing red cheekedness of a baby toddler who is still flushed from sleep. Beatrix at 16 months is hilarious. She has so many words and so many preferences. She only likes weetbix with honey. When she asks for "wattah" she is really hoping you'll provide "mulk". And if Violet eats all of her dinner first, thus being first (and usually only, Beatie is a slow slow slow, distractible eater) to claim her prize of the worlds tiniest tub of jelly (that's jello for you Americans) for dessert she WILL park herself almost on top of her so as better to watch her eating it from a distance of about one centimetre between Beatie's nose and the cup of jelly.

Here is a list of words that a Beatie can say:

mulk (milk), wattah (water), Byah (Violet), Beeeeetieeee (Beatie), wed-upppppp! (wake up, a game where one pretends to sleep and the other wakes them up, also used in real life when one falls asleep before the other. Adorable), Puppa (Peppa. Pig. 4eva), arm-ee (arm in. for getting dressed and into car seat), stuck (it's her favourite word), nope (another favourite), yep, bag, duck (followed by WACK WACK WACK), dunstairs (downstairs, where food can be found), look, Poppa (Poppy), neeeeeeeigh (the sound but not the word for horse), baby (another favourite, she usually has one), nana (banana), air (hair), mow (mouth), eye (eye AND eyebrow!), noe (nose), ee (ear), owie, poo-poo, my (mine), buttle (bottle), cup, meow (cat), twinkle twinkle (words illegible but tune is obvious), wah you (love you, only when prompted to say it) and my favourite of all the things in all the world..... DUDDLE (cuddle), said with arms in the air, hands opening and closing and a hopeful, quizzical look on face. I'm melting at the memories. 

Actually she's a pretty good parrot if you say "can you say"...those don't really count though, do they? If only I could convince her to waddle that waddle that 16 month olds do. Although that could actually be on the cards since I just turned around to see her trying to trim her toe nails with nail clippers. Where did you get those from and why so clever/reckless?  Anyway, this is my second, second last, second to second last? 16 month old ever and she's light enough to carry long distance, and cute enough to think wearing underpants over the top of her nappy/pants makes her a big girl like her sister. She's happy enough to share her bed with Violet and hold hands in the car. 16 months is sweet and cuddly and not very cheeky yet, but soon. I am really very in love with motherhood at the moment (and always but sometimes it's harder and the days seem longer than it is right now, you know?), especially watching my two as siblings.

it's winter in the city

July 11, 2014

IMG_7545 IMG_7544 IMG_7543 IMG_7546 IMG_7547 Ribbet collage IMG_7548 IMG_7551

Winter in the city can be anything. More often than not it's crispy, cold and grey with hints of sunshine that keep you dancing between too hot for one zillion layers and freezing beyond belief. It is always, always beautiful though. We took our car to be serviced in South Melbourne and instead of visiting the market or a cafe nearby we decided to make the 40 minute walk into the city. Just for something to do, why not? It's been a good few years since I lived close enough to walk into the heart of it, it was nice pretending to be a city dweller again. I say all the time that if there were more parks and playgrounds, I'd take apartment living in the cbd over space any day. I wouldn't but it's nice to pretend when the stakes are low and no one is going to call you to commit ;). Truth be told, there isn't enough life times in my one to live out all my alternate universe dreams. It's a good thing that reality is so sweet.

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